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VCP(Video Site Player)


【About VCP(Video Cached Player】VCP is an application to search and watch the movie site.■Main functionsSelect the quality of movie. ([3GP]、[MP4-360p]、[MP4-720p])※You can change the setting of default playback quality 3g, LTE, Wi-Fi on the setting・Share the movie in the application・Movie search or playlist search・The function of movie searching from music ranking・Bulk importing from playlists・Capability to repeat movies.Change the repeat modes by pressing the repeat bottom.・Play random movies・Play movies without Internet, when you enable the cache.※default・Change the order of your playlist.
■About Capabilities・Full Internet access(movie, acquisition of search result).・Correct and delete contents on SD card (save cache)・Show the state of network (default playing image quality decision)・Invalid the sleep mode (keep play movie,deterrence of sleep for Wi-Fi)・Reading the status and ID of the unit.(if you get call while your playing the movie, stop→hang up→keep play)
■About future planwe are thinking about adding the following function.・FC2 - Capable・Play on Chromecast
■Supported OSAndroid 4.0 or later
※Downloading the content on YouTube is not allowed by YouTube terms of service※The speed of the movie cache will rely on the environment of your Internet and the performance of your unit.Which is not because of an application performance problem.We appreciate your understanding.